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Why workshops work

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Whether you’re a huge multinational corporation or a small, locally run business, having a tightly knit marketing team working towards a shared goal is essential. Solidarity breeds success in the marketing industry, and without it your efforts will bear little fruit. A simple and highly effective technique for aligning your business objectives is to hold a workshop; in this case, specifically, is the content marketing workshop.

Considering the numerous benefits of workshops, it’s surprising how few companies take full advantage of them, or even use them at all.

Budgetary limits, market potential and the state of the economy can all impact on the efficacy of a company’s marketing campaign. However, a marketing strategy under any circumstance will fall short without a clearly defined business goal and a highly focused set of steps required in order to achieve it. One well-organised workshop will help outline these at the very least. A content marketing workshop, for example, must align your marketing goals and audience personas.

What do you want to achieve?

As such, the secret to getting the most from your workshop is to involve as many company employees or stakeholders as possible. As we all know, establishing a solid, business-wide understanding of your marketing aims increases your chances of success and limits the probability of wasting valuable resources.

Workshops offer the rare opportunity to pool your company’s scope of expertise and experience to answer a range of pressing questions. Questions such as, do you need new or increased customer leads? Do you want to sell new products to your existing customers? Are you occupying a new niche in your industry? Or, do you want to project a new voice or tone for your business?

Topics like these are best addressed as a collective. As are conversations regarding your industry competitors, the personas you’re trying to attract, your content calendar, website design and brand values.

Workshops help circulate knowledge throughout your company, giving people the chance to familiarise themselves with areas of the business they wouldn’t otherwise encounter. Bringing people together in this fashion helps stimulate creativity and generates fresh ideas.

Workshops are an ideal tool for building a community spirit in the workplace; a resourceful method for forming feasible solutions to business issues; and practicable for structuring collectivised marketing goals, regardless of the size and scope of the company that uses them.

Booking in a content marketing workshop goes one further by intertwining the needs of your audience and the company culture within your staff.  Our whitepaper below shows you how it’s done.


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