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What to make of your ‘Are You Content Body Ready?’ quiz results

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Hey, good lookin’, if you haven’t taken our content marketing quiz yet – Are You Content Body Ready? – you could be missing out on some insight on how hard your body of content is flexing its pecs.

See how hard your content body’s working out. Take the quiz now.

It’s your chance to see how hard your content marketing is working for you, perhaps even to see if us content strategist types can challenge it to be even weightier.

If you’ve taken our quiz you’ll have a good idea of how well your business’s content marketing is stacking up. And we expect you’re interested to know how to take things up a gear.

To do that, let’s break it down.

If you scored:

Content marketing quiz result - Hiding Away

It sounds like you’ve got the goods but need a little confidence booster to go out and show them off. It also sounds like you know your audience on a superficial level but haven’t properly dissected them, creating personas to target with different bodies of content, depending on their needs and interests.

Devising a solid content marketing strategy can lift your brand in terms of both style and substance, finding fascinating stories that engage your customers with what you do best (and, obviously, better than all the rest) and painting you in colourful light.

Believe us, there’s always a story to tell, even about stuff where you might not have thought there was much to say.

Content marketing quiz result - Dare to bare

Here we reckon that your content strategy isn’t necessarily doing what it should, which is understandable because it can often just be something as simple as a time issue.

Maybe you’re writing a blog, but haven’t the time to really research your subjects fully so the end result feels a little lacking. Perhaps your marketing personas need to be defined even more stringently, to ensure your really addressing your audience’s diverse needs. And perhaps you’re using social media marketing, but not amplifying it to maximise its reach.

Have a look back through the annals of our blog for lots of simple tips and mini-strategies to start making your content work harder, or give us a call and see if we can help.

Content marketing quiz result - Turning Heads

Clearly, you have a strategy in place that is working, which is great. Now it’s time to turn up the dial a little bit and challenge yourself.

Thing is, with a content marketing strategy it‘s very easy to just rest on your laurels; it’s ticking along fine so why mess with it? Why bicep curl the 15kg weights when you’re in your groove on the 12s?

It’s a fair question when you’ve got a heap load of other things pressing to keep the brand going. But what if we said that upping your content game a little – building on your body by, say, repurposing your content or analysing the stats of your distribution to see where you can reach further or perhaps even drop some dead wood – will grow your brand?

You’ll be seen by fresh eyes, reach new minds. And you never know when a bit of content resonates with another pool of potential customers you’d never have even put in your target audience.

Content marketing quiz result - Strutting Your Stuff

Your content strategy does more than simply talk the talk; it walks the walk. But you’d be shocked at how much difference a little fine-tuning by the experts can make.

This is where the detailed analytics really play their part. Being so adaptable, always willing to analyse and switch strategies at the drop of a hat, takes some getting used to. Don’t be precious about your existing content; be radical. Just because it’s doing its thing already doesn’t mean you can’t work it even harder.

Pick apart what works and what doesn’t with a fine-toothed comb. Look into those numbers deeply. Elements like bounce rate can always be brought down incrementally. You’ll also want to focus on your competitors because it’s when you’ve got a good foundation of content that you can see the opportunities to really stand out from the crowd.

Content marketing quiz result - All Eyes On You

You’re ripped. Nailed it. Your body of content is outstanding and you know what? Now comes the fun part.

Let’s really show you off.

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