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Video blog: How to find your match in a content marketing agency partner

By September 12, 2014 No Comments

Happy Friday everyone! With no particularly poignant segue into our Friday fodder I’ll just get right to the point – we’ve started video blogging. Hurrah!

Quite frankly after releasing a series of YouTube videos this year we kind of got the itch, and given that we’ve just turned five years old this would seem a good point to take our beloved blog up a gear. So from now on expect from Southerly many more video blogs that analyse everything that our usual blogs would deal with in full graphically designed technicolour, the work, of course, of our supremely talented design studio.

To kick things off, we take a look into how you go about finding a perfect content marketing agency partner, because matching the right content marketing agency with a client isn’t about drawing the names of agencies from a hat. Far from it – like any strong, lasting relationship, it has to be built on shared values, interests and needs. Awwww.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch this space for more video blogs from Southerly.


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