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Coffee time with… Victor Asandi, Junior Designer at Southerly

Coffee time with... Victor

Recent graduate Victor might be new to agency life, but he’s already ahead of the game. While studying Graphic Communication at the University of Northampton, he won the first-place prize at the 2016 YCN Student Awards. This led to opportunities working with brands such as Mars and Snickers – and now, he’s supporting our art director Fede on Southerly’s visual rebranding to Spoon, which also includes designing the agency group’s new website.

Here, Victor shares his love for design, his thoughts on Spoon and future hopes for his career.

You joined Southerly as our junior designer. What inspired you to pursue design? 

I come from an arty background; my dad is a sculptor and my mum is into arts and crafts, so I was naturally inclined to pursue this sort of career. However, with being a 90s kid, I grew up in the digital era so graphic design seemed like the most logical choice for me.

Since starting, Southerly has partnered with Spoon – and you’re working on our rebranding with art director Fede. What are things you like about the Spoon brand?

In terms of their brand and ethos, I like the fact that they’re straight talking and always focusing on the idea of realism and real stories. Design-wise, I hope I can spend some time getting to the essence of the Nordic design philosophy to influence the new visuals we’re creating.

How is the design team ensuring the rebranding process is as straightforward as possible?

There are several things to consider – not only in terms of the obvious design elements such as colours, fonts etc. but also in the way we portray the message of Spoon as a global agency.  As a design team, we have to consider our target audience in order to reach the perfect solution. I think research is the most important step at this stage. It’s really all about getting down to the nitty gritty because every design element chosen has to have a meaning or a reason for being there. If we get that down to a T, then I’m sure the process will be straightforward for us and Spoon.

What are your favourite types of design projects – and what have you enjoyed working on at Southerly?

I enjoy working on a range of projects and being at Southerly has offered me that, as we have such a wide range of clients. I particularly enjoy print design – and working on the booklets we recently created for Cross River Partnership was a lot of fun! I’m starting to get more into typography and calligraphy so an iPad and Apple pencil are on my wish list. You can do some cool artwork with those tools. Also, I’m really interested in photo manipulation so you can always find me playing around in Photoshop.

What’s one thing you find challenging about your role and how have you dealt with it?

The only thing that springs to mind is illustration. I haven’t done much in my career so far but since starting at Southerly I’ve been trying to include more of this into my work. Practice makes perfect!

Finally, what’s something you’d like to achieve at Southerly as a junior designer? 

My time so far at Southerly has been really good.. The next step for me is to progress in my role. That’s why I’m here, to learn and develop.

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