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Your Valentine’s Day message needs a B2B strategy with a new supplier

By February 12, 2015 No Comments

I do apologise to anybody that feels even the remotest affection for the occasion, but I find this time of year to be pointless and downright silly. It’s Valentine’s Day and apparently I’m morally obligated to buy my girlfriend a pink fluffy bunny or be damned to 52 weeks of hellfire. I’m a good boyfriend, dammit. I whisper sweet nothings and write poetry and stuff. I don’t need this kind of pressure.

What with it being a Valentine’s Day blog, I’ve been tasked by my Editor to inject some begrudging enthusiasm into it all and create a tenuous link to B2B content marketing (come on Jonathan, where’s the love? – Ed).

Fine. Consider this then my cursory run to the gas station for a bunch of petrol-scented chrysanthemums.

Tell you what, let’s consider that my relationship with my girlfriend is a B2B scenario (sorry Sarah, but on the plus side that’s a better analogy than being likened to a B2C relationship, if you think about it). She’s my target business persona, I’m the brand working with an incumbent supplier (the petrol station).

Are you using the right supplier?

Like most men who find themselves on a gas station forecourt at 11pm on 14 February, I’d made a grave error by not actually thinking about what my target persona would appreciate on this particular day. I’m resting on my laurels here – too entrenched in one supplier. Sometimes, for brands a new launch or initiative needs a fresh perspective – in my scenario there’s a mini-marketing manager in my head screaming at me to go with a more innovative supplier than the petrol station to really stand out today, but I’m too hooked on the old ways. However, I made the mistake of not figuring out than in this case that my partner’s needs may stem from beyond… well, stems.

Sometimes it’s good to shake things up and look for a new approach. There are many legacy agencies out there who call themselves content marketers but lack the insights to keep up with the trends or to come up with ideas from a fresh angle. I like to think that at Southerly, we’d never offer our clients a bunch of petrol station flowers. There’s no one size fits all solution, especially in the B2B space – sometimes a fresh initiative deserves fresh content marketing thinking.

Go with a more innovative supplier than the petrol station to stand out today

So, what of my girlfriend and I? Truth be told, we’ve agreed we’re going to the zoo. Something a bit different… It’ll look wholesome and loveable in the eyes of our peers, a love of animals is definitely a ‘good look’ for our brand, plus animals supposedly lower blood pressure so we’re increasing our chances of our brand sustaining longevity, we’re not doing anything that many of our competitors are up to and we both generally like the zoo. Their fluffy bunnies are reassuringly not pink.

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