UK Blog Awards marks coming-of-age for blogging and content marketing

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Wowzers, what a night it was at the UK Blog Awards on Friday. Sadly, Southerly just missed out on a gong, or plaque, but it was a good chance to schmooze with the up-and-comers of the UK blogging world. And as they always say, it’s great to be nominated. So obviously, we were robbed.

Just kidding. Honestly who’d have thought that our little Southerly blog, still in its infancy, might have emerged from some 900 or so original entrants to get to the finals of a national award? We are, no less, proud and delighted finalists in a hard-fought arena of the PR, Media and Communications category, and a massive well done to The Blogger’s Lounge for its win.

The loudest round of applause must go to organisers Gemma Pear and Becki Cross. As they quite rightly said in their welcome speech, until now there have been no awards of this kind in the UK – this was the inaugural ceremony and we wish it many happy returns (it better come back; I know of a certain creative content agency with its fighting gloves firmly on) – and the time has now come to recognise the blogging world as the forward-thinking, 21st-century industry that it is.

Value for business

With its enormous commercial value, its currency in search engine rankings and its ability to make thought leaders from closet experts, blogging can no longer be consigned to darkened corners of the internet. It is new, fresh thinking, and it’s big business.

This was no better exemplified than by the impressive list of sponsors, including Twinings Tea, which in many ways could not be a more appropriate partner for a community of bloggers. The prevalence of big PR getting in on the action just goes to show the exceptional promotional weight of a great business blog.

Gemma and Becki’s superlative efforts made sure the event got off with suitable bang and with, I admit, an unexpectedly high level of glamour. Not only that, the evening at the Grange Hotel in the magnificent shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral continued to provide moments of top-class entertainment thanks to the night’s MC Alan Stevens, also founder of MediaCoach.

A massive well done to everybody involved and a huge thank you to everyone that voted and got the Southerly Blog to the finals. This was a fitting celebration of the blogging world’s efforts that has got us to this point now. It felt like we marked a turning point. We know from our own client work how important a brilliant and innovative business blog and strong business storytelling technique can be, and so often we find ourselves explaining those remarkable benefits to those that haven’t yet considered blogging as a multi-purpose commercial tool. It was genuinely inspiring to see that same work in action in a multitude of ways and in a multitude of sectors – from retail and fashion, to food and drink, to education, to travel and the automotive industry. Indeed, blogging and content marketing just stepped up a gear. 

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