Content creation for beginners

In this information age, we know that more and more brands are behaving like publishers and investing heavily in internal content production. Are you ready to join them?

At Southerly – and the Spoon Group – we believe that the most powerful content comes from the real world. We believe in authentic storytelling to help our clients reach their audience in a way that’s engaging, effective and tangible.

What could be more authentic than empowering your biggest asset – your employees – to take on the task of content creation?

If you’d like to build this capability in-house, we can help.

We pride ourselves on being able to teach anyone how to create great content. Our sessions are practical and hands-on, and your team will leave having created a first draft of content to be used in either marketing, sales or employer brand communications.

Don’t worry about it going wrong: we understand how important it is that people stay on message. Before the session, we’ll work with you to make sure the workshop we deliver is bespoke to your marketing or communication team’s strategy and goals.

Sound good? Contact us for more information.

Don’t take our word for it

Check out some of our testimonials from previous attendees…

“It was very hands-on and practical – we came out with key tips we can apply easily.”

“The trainer today was really engaging, gave us some really good tips, and provided great context.”

“The content was relevant and set a good foundation of what content is, how to go about creating it, the basic formats, tips and mistakes that we can make at the beginning. There was also a good amount of theory and practice, so it felt really well balanced. We were actively participating and engaging at all times.”

“Very interactive, informative, practical and useful.”

“Loved the workshop, it was really interesting.”