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Timely is good, but don’t forget about evergreen

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Evergreen Content

The lifespan of a post on social media is short. A few minutes short. It many cases it takes longer to boil an egg than it does to hit publish and have your tweet quickly forgotten about in the social media-ether.

That’s a lot of pressure to put on a post – especially when you want it to be timely, relevant and to attract attention. To be that timely takes up a lot of time and effort.

For the most part it’s definitely worth it – being current and jumping on trends can get you excellent traffic (if you do it in a smart way) – but it shouldn’t be the only thing you focus on. You shouldn’t forget about evergreen content. In fact, it should be one of the building blocks of your content strategy.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content isn’t tied to any particular event or date. It’s content that is relevant to your readers on the day it’s published, a month from when it’s published, and even a year from when it’s published. Like blue jeans, burgers and the bolero, evergreen content never goes out of style – and it keeps people coming back.

It should be timeless, full of useful and valuable information and definitive in a way that won’t lose its meaning over time.

Why evergreen content?

Timely content is great for attracting a lot of content for a short period of time – while the time-sensitive event you’ve newsjacked is in the public consciousness. Over time that content loses its appeal and audience, and the traffic dies down.

If your content is useful and remains relevant, it will rank higher in search engines

But with evergreen content – good evergreen content – the viewing figures aren’t as dramatic. You might not start with as aggressive a spike when you publish, but if it has value, you will see a steady stream of users finding your page. And this normally comes from search engine traffic. If your content is useful and remains relevant, it will rank higher in search engines. This means more visitors, which in turn will help push your search engine ranking even further.

How to write the best evergreen content?

When writing evergreen content you should be focusing on the big questions posed by your target audience. What is it that they will be looking for that you can provide?

Stay away from currently trending culture references – Kim Kardashian broke the internet for a week or two, best to just let it lie now. Your content should be able to exist in a vacuum in which the only thing that matters is that it is useful for you users.

Write it with SEO in mind. This doesn’t have to mean doing anything complex, but be sure of the basic methods like using keywords and phrases, tagging and internal linking.

Be careful about what links you use, too. If you’re linking to lots of external sites and you expect your evergreen content to stick around, there’s a chance the links will become dead before your page does. And you don’t want to be sending readers off to dead links.

Writing beginner “dummy” guides on topics, or prescriptive how-to articles are always a great way to give your site good evergreen traction. Remember, these articles or blogs won’t be the first thing that users see when they come to your site. They’ll probably be somewhere a little deeper to find, but search engines will find them – and that’s what you’re looking for.

Evergreen content isn’t the star striker on your football team. It’s not the big showboat scoring goals, getting his hair spiked and making headlines for kicking over bins. Evergreen content is the solid, consistent defensive midfielder keeping your team centred, making sure there’s a backbone to it, and ensuring that there’s always a source of quality in your team. So it’s best you don’t forget about it.

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