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The Southerly quiz: what is content?

What is content?

It’s no surprise that we’re massive fans of content marketing at Southerly, and how it can be used to smash your business goals. But it’s fair to say that ‘content’, and what it means in the context of ‘marketing’, can be a pretty hazy concept – especially where the internet is concerned. Creative content is absolutely everywhere you look online, which can make it a lot of things to different people. But fundamentally, it’s information – usually presented in a variety of forms, but often with the purpose of communicating ideas or messages to an audience in a way that’s useful, relevant – and in the best instances, engaging.  

Content marketing is the process of using creative content strategically – but do you know all the types of content that are at your disposal? Would you rather vlog or blog? And what does GIF stand for anyway?  

Test your knowledge with our content quiz. It’s a chance to see how well you know content so you can consider what to use for your next bright idea, quarterly campaign or long-term project.  

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