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The #BeastFromTheEast and the importance of good internal communications

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Good internal communications

If you haven’t ventured outside for the last 48 hours, then maybe you won’t have seen the abundance of snow that has blanketed the UK. Maybe you’re entirely oblivious, and if so, you should count yourself rather lucky. For everyone else, we’re sure that – like us – you’ve already moved beyond the initially novelty stage, and are now well and truly at the point of begging for the white stuff to disappear.

However, while it persists, we must all do what we can to persevere and push on. We must be stoic. We must endure. And, we must ensure that all of our internal communications are up to scratch, because the last thing any of us wants is to make that treacherous journey to work only to find out that the office has been closed down for the day.

Getting your message out there

If you’re a boss and you’ve made the decision to close your office down for the day, or you’re the head of a school and have decided that it’d be safer for pupils to stay at home, then letting all parties know your verdict straight away is vital.

And, when it comes to ensuring this sort of message is heard, most people will forgive you for going overboard in terms of the channels you choose. We’re talking text, WhatsApp, Facebook page updates, your newsletter and of course, phone calls. From a personal perspective – and I doubt too many people would disagree with me – I’d rather be spammed with communiqué than end up making the journey into work, and be greeted by locked doors and the thought of a miserable return journey.

Of course, there is an onus on the recipients to make a point of looking out for such messages, but as the sender, you must be doing all you can to get your communications sent out in a timely, and altogether efficient, manner.

Similarly, because of poor travel conditions and endless public transport cancellations, employees must make sure they notify their workplace if they are going to be late, or if they won’t be able to make it in to the office at all. Sometimes it can be easy to forget about informing the boss of your unwanted tardiness, but a quick message updating them with a rough ETA will go a long way.

Travel information

 If you’re currently living or working in London, your travel plans will have likely been affected by the poor weather. And, if you tend to travel by train, you may be one of the many thousands of people who’ve been left frustrated because a train has been cancelled without warning, and without any subsequent explanation. I’m looking hard in your direction, Great Northern.

When it comes to times of incredibly inclement weather, train companies have an obligation to make people aware of problems and cancellations at the earliest opportunity. Whether this is by immediately updating its website, posting out all necessary information via Twitter or Snapchat, or by manning social channels so as to respond to enquiries as soon as they are raised, updates are essential.

This sort of instantaneous communication isn’t always simple, especially when it’s easy for wires to cross and for circumstances to alter swiftly, but being able to placate consumer worries and answer urgent questions is the sign of an organisation that truly cares about how its customers are faring.

Internal communications is always important

Of course, communicating successfully with employees and consumers alike should always be a business priority. Not only is it important when it comes to employee engagement, but it should be central to any company that wants to make the most of content marketing. You can produce the best creative content in the world, after all, but if you’re not letting people know about it, who’s going to consume it?

If you’re having trouble with internal comms, want to make your processes more efficient, or simply fancy a chat about anything related to content, get in touch with us. We’re always happy to talk.

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