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The Creative Blog: Southerly Mug Design

By February 13, 2014 No Comments

Welcome to Southerly’s Creative Blog. Working title. Actually, no scratch that – that is the title. I’m not here to headline, I’m here to design. We want the Creative Blog to inspire you into thinking about your web design a little differently, with quirky ideas and cool concepts sure to keep you ‘outside of the box’. Incidentally we’re not entirely sure what’s in the box, but if the rumour mill is to be believed, well it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Here at Southerly we value and enjoy our internal projects as much as our clients’ work. It’s the variety of these projects that make us stand out, so I’m very pleased to showcase our personalised Southerly mugs.

The idea for the mugs was conceived in our Southerly Studio and our very talented and equally loud (sorry, Italian) illustrator and creative designer Federica was the one to execute it. That’s her at the top, by the way.

We gave each member of the Southerly team their own personalised mug as a gift, and I’m pleased to say they were very well received. I mean, sure this gives the company image and brand an exciting new dimension and gives our team a fun and quirky look, but to be honest this was more a team bonding exercise. The increasingly heated morning battles over fancy mugs and chipped ones have completely stopped. I feel we have single-handedly prevented war.

But apart from the power of diplomacy we just think they look pretty. See for yourself!


…and to see how we designed our special mugs, head over to ‘like’ our Facebook page and check out the album.

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