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The best storytellers repurpose creative content

By June 30, 2014 No Comments

New Zealand’s hairiest export and the man who made Ian McKellen wear a pointy hat for 12 years, Sir Peter Jackson, is not only the reigning king of epic adventure movies, he’s also the master of repurposing content.

Sir Pete’s films are a great example of how you can repurpose top quality content to get the results it warrants. What he did by changing the format of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings tomes perfectly illustrates my point, and the soon-to-be-released final instalment of The Hobbit movies will cap off another trilogy that does it even better.

Managing to squeeze three feature-length hits from a book of about 300 pages is the level of content repurposing all creative marketers should aspire to.

Whether you’re using a single blog post to create a series of blog posts, using a series of blog posts to create an eBook or using an eBook to create a Hollywood blockbuster about Elijah Wood going for a massive walk, reshaping old content to use in new ways is a very worthwhile endeavour indeed.

Make the creative process less taxing

The creative process can be a taxing one, especially when it involves churning out more and more fresh ideas to keep up with the rigors of a hardy content calendar. Publishing weekly newsletters, daily blogs and regular social media posts will soon have content teams scrambling for any old tripe to chuck on their site.

Well it needn’t be that way. No one likes tripe. Especially after its been chucked. The benefits of repurposing your better content are plentiful, and go far beyond just saving you time and energy.

What is repurposed content?

I should mention here that there’s a distinct difference between repurposing your content and revamping it. Revamping content means you’re using it for the same purpose, and targeting it at the same audience, but just polishing it up to help it stay attractive and relevant. Essentially, it’s little different to how it always was.

Repurposing content means you’re changing its format and subsequently its target audience. So if your objective is to attract more potential customers from different stages of the buyer’s journey, repurposing content is the way to do it.

Why does it pay to repurpose content?

It makes good business sense. Either you or your editorial team will have no doubt produced numerous pieces of content with a message that’s worth repeating, a story that’s worth retelling or an idea that’s worth reintroducing. And you’re well within your rights to do so.

Reinstating your business message several times over goes a long way in converting prospects into paying customers, whereas you’d be hard pushed to get the same results from saying it only once.

It will allow you to connect with different customer personas. It’s likely your business will have accrued a broad customer base and diverse audience range, making it nearly impossible to produce one piece of content that appeals across the board, without it being too general and consequently losing its influence.

Adapting the same piece of content to target different personas helps grow brand awareness across all sectors of your industry. As long as what you’re saying is relevant, you can say it to as many people as you like.

A warning to the wise

For obvious reasons, the relevance of the content you’re repurposing is very important. Badgering folk with inane nonsense that has seemingly little relevance to anything is good to no one, and will only result in people ignoring you.

What you’ll want to repurpose is known as evergreen content. Evergreen content is relevant, and stays relevant forever, making it ideal to use across multiple channels, in multiple formats, targeting multiple audiences.

Doing this will have two very positive effects. It will position you as an industry expert and give your site a valuable SEO boost. Creating multiple pieces of content focusing on the same subject raises your company profile, allows for more opportunities to target key words and offers the chance to generate quality backlinks. Win, win, win!

So instead of labouring over the creative process, work more on ways to get your best content under the eyes of the right people.

Your time and energy are very precious, and anyone familiar with Lord of the Rings will be able to tell you the importance of looking after those things that are most “precious”. Just ask that little chap with the tiny pants…

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