We’re changing our name – and no, I’m not upset about it…

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Southerly’s name is changing to Spoon. Here, Shelley explains how she really feels about becoming Spoon London – and why the future looks so rosy for the London arm of the global agency.

I’ve spent the last few weeks talking to clients, suppliers and other stakeholders about our change of name. There’s been a wide variety of reactions, but almost all of them have one thing in common: everyone expects me to be upset.

“How do you feel about this?” many have asked, anxious looks on their faces. “Do you have mixed feelings? The end of an era? Southerly’s such a nice name!”

And so on and so forth…

Although I appreciate the concern, the truth is that I’m not upset at all. Quite the opposite: I’m looking forward to it.

All the talk of names has made me think about how we came to be called ‘Southerly’ in the first place – something of a haphazard process, if I’m honest. I was invited to set up an agency and participate in a pitch for a large client, but needed to do so very quickly.

After coming up with lots of zingy, communications-themed names, I found them all to be taken by other zingy, communications-themed agencies. Finally, it was a friend from my spiritual and university home Cape Town who suggested I name the business after the African city’s location on the map: 33 Degrees South.

Except… that was taken too. 33 Degrees Southerly wasn’t, though – but of course, that was a ridiculous mouthful, so we just went with ‘Southerly’. I’m always apologetic about how random this story is – but everyone else seems to like it.

If we became Southerly by accident, the opposite is true of becoming Spoon. In fact, becoming Spoon is the result of over a year’s worth of meetings, trips to Sweden to spend time getting to know Spoon (and them us), collaborating, and talking about the exciting new opportunities that await us as a global agency.

Back in May, myself, Account Director Charlotte and Head of Content Jess flew out to various Spoon offices to see for ourselves how our new colleagues like to work and how we’ll be collaborating in future. And what a week it was! We enjoyed fika (traditional Swedish pastries) with Spoon CEO Anders and Creative Director Melker and the team in Stockholm;  took a peek at the Oslo office’s stunning roof terrace with Agency Director Marte; and chatted all things B2B with Lena and the small-but-perfectly-formed Helsinki team. And that’s not to mention enjoying picnics in the park with Malmo agency head Divya’s team, and learning all about Gothenburg with Agency Director Malin.

Spending time with our colleagues in the Nordics filled me with admiration, excitement, and genuine affection – because it would be difficult for us to meet a more talented, friendly and warm group of people with such a closely aligned vision and values. Just look at our logos – great minds really do think alike!

So, no, I’m not upset about changing our name – in fact, I’m really proud to take on our new name and be associated with the award-winning Spoon Group. And if you’d like to discuss how we could help you with your content marketing – either in London or elsewhere – please do get in touch.

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