Southerly’s values attract two new recruits

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We’re pleased to welcome Southerly’s newest recruits – Pedro Ramos, who has joined our design team today, and account manager Stephanie Mann. Here, they tell us what attracted them to Southerly…

Pedro says: “I came across Southerly’s vacancy on the internet and was immediately attracted to the company because the recruitment was not being done via an agency. This meant I was able to make direct contact with Southerly. That was perfect.

When I looked at Southerly’s website, I was most impressed by the company’s logo because it is very similar to the typographic logos that I like to design.

Looking further at the website, its design impressed me a great deal and made me feel this was a company where I could use my skills.

I had the feeling that this was a friendly company focused on keeping its staff motivated. That is rare in Spain, where I come from.

I’ve only just arrived in London from a small town in the south of Spain. I think London is the best place in the world if you work in the creative industries.

Not only that, it will also allow me to improve my English, which I have been learning for most of my life!”

Stephanie’s journey to Southerly might not have started on foreign soil, but we appreciate her efforts in getting here nonetheless. She explains: “After leaving my previous role, I focused more on networking and gaining real industry insight from experts rather than solely looking for jobs that were being advertised.

I spent some quality time wondering what direction to take my career, really working out what I wanted to do and who I would want to work for. I had previously been advised that my skills were best suited to an agency due to my creative nature. I am in my element when coming up with ideas and making those ideas happen by collaborating within a team.

Through using my network of contacts, I started to consider working for a smaller agency and was introduced to Southerly CEO Shelley Hoppe.

The moment I came across Southerly, I knew it was the place I wanted to work. The company’s values matched what I wanted to do. The Southerly blog, its Facebook page and Twitter account underlined this and I knew we were the perfect match.

I’m looking forward to my account management role because it is almost unique in that it will also incorporate my video content skills as well as my creative thinking and experience of developing marketing strategies.”

Welcome to Southerly both of you. We hope you’ll have a long and enjoyable stay with us and make a valuable contribution to our content marketing expertise.

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