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Southerly company values brings more new talent to the team

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It’s approaching my first birthday. At Southerly, I mean. I wasn’t born last year, though many have suggested otherwise.

What’s amazing to me – and something I can honestly say I seldom see in such a short space of time in the many places I have worked – is how the team has changed and grown. I know that sounds clichéd, but it’s true, and notably so. Never in my career have I seen a company grow so rapidly; needless to mention these are exciting times for Southerly.

Only last month we had our company away day. As well as sharing a formidable vision for the future of Southerly, we outlined our ‘cabinet reshuffle’; although unlike the actual cabinet reshuffle we don’t tend to move people away from a job they do well into something for which they have no discernible experience or interest. No, we took the opportunity to focus and target those talents even more towards the things they do best, which included forming new, expanded, super-dedicated teams. This gave us increased capability to devote their full energies to the strategy, editorial and creative sides of the business.

Basically, it means we do the stuff we do best, better.

To that end, we’ve grown again, and added a platter, nay, plethora of pliable skills to reinvigorate our reputable roster of the right stuff. Which includes alliterative technique.

Sharing values

First up, say hello to our new Accounts Manager Jaja Maranan. Interestingly, she stumbled upon us on Twitter and instantly saw that our values were very much aligned with hers when she clicked through to the website.

Born in the Philippines and living in London for most of her life, Jaja is looking forward to applying her extensive background in content production into her account management role to meet our clients’ needs.

“I love the idea of coming into a company where there’s potential to get involved in different areas,” she says. “My account management role will also tap into project management, strategy, content and social. I’m going to get a lot of variety at Southerly, which is really exciting.”

Similarly, our new web editor Luke Metcalfe says he was keen to find a company that shared his personal philosophies, aligned with his values and had an excellent track record.

“It’s why I chose Southerly,” he says. “Southerly adopts an approachable, dedicated attitude toward all their clients: every piece of content produced is carefully considered.”

Luke brings with him extensive writing and editing experience, in big corporate and right through to the smallest start-ups.

“The opportunity to continue this whilst learning from experts around me is something I’m really looking forward to!” he says.

Our newest super-designer is Jenney Shi. Jenney’s a proper outside-the-box thinker who has her sights firmly set on tough problem solving through design, helping to evolve brands. And we knew she’s had the nous to do this simply by how she applied to Southerly. From Canada. When there wasn’t even a job vacancy .

“I came across Southerly earlier during the year on Twitter and really liked the style, which complements my own style of design and illustration,” Jenney explains. “I sent an email saying that I was looking to move to London in the fall and would be interested in working for them, even though there wasn’t an opening at the time.

“A few months later, lo’ and behold I received an email about a designer opportunity! I had an awesome Skype chat with Art Director Anna Moumtzidou and CEO Shelly Hoppe. After that, it was just a matter of booking a ticket, pack up my life, and move across the big pond!”

Now THAT’S tenacity.

Our new administrative assistant is the awesome Anna Pestana, with personality in droves and just the right amount of organised fun to keep us on our toes and ticking along happily.

Anna didn’t find us through Twitter; in fact, she spotted one of our memes. It had a quote that instantly resonated with Anna, as she explains:

“I saw a quote on the website that said: ‘Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration. The rest of us just get up and go to work.’ This quote is exactly my personality, and I had to find out more about the company that has the same thought process as me. Now I just want to get up everyday and work in a team full of this kind of inspired thinking!”

Last but by no stretch least is Kathy McEwan, our new marketing assistant. A keen songwriter, creative storyteller, and an amateur human psychologist in her spare time, Kathy’s particularly excited about taking these skills and passions into the creative world of digital marketing.

“I want to apply these skills to help Southerly and its clients grow,” she says. “After looking at the Southerly website and social media pages it was immediately clear to me that this is a company passionate about what it’s doing, proven by how the company clearly displays its values.

As you can see, if there’s one thing that’s abundantly clear to us from this process is that when it comes to recruitment marketing, wearing your company values on your sleeve is a must if you want to attract the bestest, loveliest people. Please join us in welcoming our new guys to the family!

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