A government agency – for whom we did a series of behaviour change campaigns – recommended us to a well known UK bank to help them in a similar way. Culture and behaviour change campaigns are one of our specialties, so we were really pleased to be able to help.

The challenge was to help employees better understand the very real security risks that workers face today in office environments. Our campaign aimed to make employees more aware of what the risks are, as well as how to respond to different situations if and when they do arise.

Bringing the campaign to life

Internal security is such an important issue, and the risks are changing all the time. However, most office workers have seen an awful lot of communications about this topic and have become somewhat desensitised to repetitive and sometimes rather dull – yes, we said it! – messaging. We needed to make sure our messages were fresh and would warrant that “double take” we all do when we see something genuinely interesting.

Our overarching campaign idea was inspired by World War II public communication campaigns (think ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’), as these messages apply surprisingly well to some of the modern day risks we all face.

Our work

We always like to understand our clients from within and so spent some time at the bank’s offices to gain an understanding of how the messages could be delivered.

Character design


Like this campaign?

This campaign was originally developed in partnership with a government agency who are keen to share it with any organisation that would like to improve their staff’s security risk behaviours. There is a toolkit of templates you could use for free, if you would like to. Get in touch for more information. If you have a different culture change initiative you’d like us to help with, we’d love to discuss that with you too and see if we could help.

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