Our work so far

We’ve been working with the Global Recruitment team since 2014 and every year is different. It’s exciting stuff for us, as we are helping the team to identify, define and then produce targeted content for a really dynamic set of niche audiences: namely, the crème-de-la-crème of jobseekers, many of them university graduates from the millennial generation and many of them in very specialised disciplines. Of course, this way of working is new for many big organisations; part of our role on this project is to assist our clients in explaining the value of this project to other parts of the organisation, and also helping other internal stakeholders to get involved and share their valuable insights and contributions to content ideas.

Our speciality

Luckily, stakeholder engagement is a speciality of ours and we’ve enjoyed meeting all the different people involved in the project, many of whom are in the process of helping us make our content ideas better and better… and better. It’s always our policy to interact with our audiences and then progress our strategy based on the feedback we get, so watch this space to see how this content project evolves.


We’re working on a full content marketing, channel and distribution plan for a large number of niche audiences that will deliver new, original, curated and repurposed content including articles, photos, videos and infographics.


We manage the amplification of our content on social media channels, via the Shell Talent Community, on industry leading sites and via native advertising tools, to make sure our content works hard and is republished and promoted to extend its reach.


We create monthly calendars of content and suggested publication channels and timelines, including several sets of republication channels and timelines to ensure we’re getting maximum reach.


The Talent team had a strong idea of the storytelling approach they wanted to take, which we will be adapting and incorporating into all of the content production going forward.


Social media

Need some help with your employer brand and careers content?

If you are keen to introduce a similar strategy and regular calendar of content to support your employer brand and careers communications, we’d love to help with that. Get in touch if you would like to discuss this further and find out more about how it could work.

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