Our charity work

Our ongoing charity work is hugely important to us. We give a portion of our time to projects that we have a passion for.

We prefer to work with small groups, charities or even individuals because we want to make a big impact and affect lives. Our own employees vote and decide on our next charity project, which is often of personal importance to one of our staff members. We choose based on our ability to provide the skills our design, writing, marketing and social media capabilities to help others.

Check out our past charity projects 


Project Hello World

In 2016 and 2017, we proudly supported Project Hello World – an amazing charity that helps rural communities to build their own solar-powered, outdoor internet kiosks. The Hello World team’s ‘big, hairy audacious goal’ is to create a world where everyone gets access to education.

Their internet kiosks – Hello Hubs – come pre-loaded with educational content, for those in rural communities who don’t always have access to schooling. They’re designed to withstand extreme outdoor weather and are energy autonomous, which means that they can bring connectivity and education to some of the world’s most isolated communities.

How we helped

We helped Hello World with their branding, with building and designing a new website, writing blogs and we helped create social media content to help to bring their awareness and fundraising campaign to life.

Project Hello World is based on the belief that vulnerable communities across the world deserve connectivity. With every Hello Hub that is built, both children and adults can access and engage with a world of information, and take control for their own learning.

We think this is pretty amazing; we hope you do too.

Want to get involved?

I'm inspired and want to get involved

If you would like to help Project Hello World, please visit their donation page and pledge whatever amount you can to help fund more Hello Hubs.


Kay’s house: Raising autism awareness in Botswana

In 2015, our charity project was to help Kay. Kay Disang is 36, HIV positive, and struggling to support her autistic son in Botswana. In Botswana, autism is poorly understood; help is barely available and a number of the local community still view the condition as a curse.

Kay wanted to move from her shack in Palapye back to the rural village Majwaneng, where she would have the support of the local community and plot of family land.

How we helped

For this charity project, we created campaign support materials to assist the organisers in raising money to build Kay’s house on her family plot. She had the permission to build but needed some help with the resources. Kay’s struggle and autism awareness have been personal missions for several Southerly team members, and we were proud to have been able to help the cause.

What’s happened since

It’s our understanding that Kay reached her funding target as was able to build her new house – we’re so pleased to have contributed in some small way!


Falconbrook Primary School

For our 2014 charity project, the Southerly team helped out one of our Wandsworth neighbours, Falconbrook Primary School.

Our experience of Falconbrook Primary School was one of unbridled smiles and keen learning. Their library, however, despite being housed in gorgeous period surroundings, was the sad victim of a lack of funding. Something was needed to make this beautiful room more inviting and inspire the kids to pick up a book and sit down for a read. So we applied our creative muster to design a special reading area in the library.

How we helped

When the school said it badly needed to engage its kids more with the library, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to flex our creative design muscle. With a brief that covered ‘Vikings’ and ‘Explorers’, we went back to school to create a world of discovery that led from the castle doors out on to the seven seas.

Want to find out more?

Our 2014 charity project was enormous fun and a great success – check out our video to see how it all went, and for some revealing before and after photos!

Got any comments?

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