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Seven podcast recommendations for creative content marketers

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Seven podcast recommendations for content creators

In the last few years, we’ve become a nation of podcast disciples. Shows such as SerialThe Football RambleNo Such Thing As A Fish and My Dad Wrote A Porno have embedded themselves in the public consciousness, and have developed fanbases that could rival those of television and cinema’s biggest smashes. 

One of the reasons podcasts have become popular is because they can be consumed on the go. Whether you’re driving, travelling on a train, running in the gym or wandering around a crowded shopping centre, podcasts are there to make your endeavour that much more enjoyable. They are convenient, nearly always free, and there are shows available that cover almost every conceivable topic.

I’ve got something of an eclectic taste; every week I listen to a couple of football shows, a few science ones, two that are dedicated to in-depth interviews with musicians, three or four that focus on film reviews, and even one that is devoted to giving people a place to confess their deepest secrets.

However, while I listen to podcasts for entertainment, there are also a fair few I subscribe to because they are informative, educational and, to some extent, have the potential to help me – and maybe also you – become a better content creator.

So, with that in mind, we’ve decided to begin 2018 with a list of seven podcasts that could help boost workplace productivity, and enhance your content marketing efforts. What better way to start the year?

1. The Tim Ferriss Show (Tim Ferriss)
For many of you, it’ll be no surprise that this Tim Ferriss vehicle tops our list. It was the first business podcast to hit 100,000,000 downloads, has won numerous prizes, and has featured world-renowned icons such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx and Ed Norton. Tim’s show is focused on showcasing people that have made a significant impact in their particular field, and then digging below the surface to discover the tactics, views, tools and routines that helped them succeed. This is the ultimate podcast for anyone seeking to implement more efficient working methods.

2. Hack to Start (Franco Varriano and Tyler Copeland)
Some people say that success comes from understanding your past failures, and there’s definitely some truth to that. But what if you could skip the failing part by just listening to someone else’s story, and subsequently just avoiding their mistakes? That’s exactly the aim of Hack to Start. Each week, the hosts speak to innovators, thinkers and entrepreneurs to discover why they do what they do, how they’re making a positive difference, and what advice they’d offer to the next generation of forward thinkers. For anyone with an ambitious streak, meet your new favourite podcast.

3. Marketing Over Coffee (John Wall and Christopher Penn)
If you live and breathe marketing, then you’ll undoubtedly already know this one. But it’s so good that no marketing list would be complete without it. Episodes cover absolutely everything marketing-based, from branding to advertising, content marketing strategy to economics. It’s comprehensive, interesting, and never feels like it’s re-treading ground. If this isn’t already one of your podcast subscriptions, can you really call yourself a content creator?

4. Social Media Marketing Podcast (Michael Stelzner)
Brought to you by the people at Social Media Examiner, this podcast is targeted at business owners and marketers. Each episode tackles the ins and outs of social media, with guests offering unique insight into how they have managed to build a following, what works well on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and what tactics should be avoided. The latest edition, which features digital magician Zach King, is particularly brilliant.

5. The Media Podcast (Olly Mann)
Olly Mann is pretty much podcasting royalty. He hosts numerous shows – including the award-winning Answer Me This! – but it’s the one that gets under the skin of the latest media news and opinion, that I listen to more than any other. Current editions have looked at how AI could influence the future of journalism, Google backing down over its “first click free” policy, and Facebook’s dedication to video production. If you want to get a robust overview of the current state of media in its various forms, then this is the show for you.

6. Reasons to be Cheerful  (Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd)
Yes, that Ed Miliband. The former leader of the Labour Party recently launched his own podcast with friend and co-host Geoff Lloyd, and it’s absolutely terrific. Ed is engaging, funny and incredibly passionate about giving people with something to say, a platform. He clearly cares about issues big and small, and only interviews guests that are equally concerned. The rapport between Ed and Geoff is natural and endearing, making this one of the podcasts that I truly look forward to each week. For fantastic examples of interviewing technique and how to tackle topics that matter, give this a listen. 

7. All in the Mind (Claudia Hammond)
Though this isn’t strictly a podcast about marketing, content strategy or media, it’s definitely worth a mention. All in the Mind is, as the name suggests, dedicated to ‘exploring the limits and potential of the brain’. It’s as fascinating as it is bewildering, and often gives insights into how we think, why we react in certain ways to particular events or pieces of information, and what we can do to better utilise our brains. If you’re keen to understand how best to influence people, this show throws up occasional nuggets of marketing gold. 

Of course, given the hundreds – if not thousands – of marketing and business podcasts out there, it’s almost certain that there are some stellar shows I’ve missed out. If you have any suggestions for me (or anyone at Southerly), get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.

Happy listening!  

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