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The where, what and when of marketing to millennials

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Over the past week, I’ve been beavering away on behalf of one of our clients on a social media strategy, a specific part of which has to resonate with millennials, and I’ve come across some interesting stats.

Used in isolation, a strategy they do not make, but they could serve you well if you want to put together a campaign that appeals to this potentially very lucrative demographic or you need to get senior stakeholder buy-in before you can start. These stats can help you put together the where, what and when of marketing to this media savvy group.

1. Instagram is where it’s at

According to recent research from GlobalWebIndex reported in Adweek, approximately 20% of worldwide internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 had an Instagram account in 2014, up from 15% in mid-2013. Out of the total number of users 41% are in the 16-24 age bracket, with teens being 50% more likely to be active users of the channel. The lesson? If you’re thinking of using social media to market to millennials you can’t afford to ignore Instagram, which may mean you have to rethink the type of content you plan to produce.

2. Millennials want user-generated content

A research paper by Crowdtap from March last year revealed that 30% of millennials’ media time is spent with content created or curated by their peers. Compare this to the 23% who watch TV and the 3% who read print magazines and newspapers. So where can you fit into the mix? According to Crowdtap, “Smart marketers are inspiring their consumers to create and share more content about the brands they love, influencing social conversations and winning the hearts and minds of consumers.” Consider how it might work in a B2B context: millennials’ habits at work will not differ from those they have on their leisure time – they will still want to base their decisions on peer reviews if they can, which is where testimonials and transparent conversations online can be very effective. And for recruiters, harnessing the power of a review site such as Glassdoor can pay dividends.

3. Millennials check their smartphones. All. The. Time.

Understanding Global Millennials, a study by digital firm SDL showed that, on average, millennials check their phones 43 times a day. Which is good news if you’ve got a regular supply of fresh, mobile-optimised content. Bad news if you don’t.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to consider when putting together a whole strategy but in the millennial spirit, I couldn’t help but share…

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