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Guide: Is your content marketing achieving results?

At Southerly, we understand the importance of good content; we’ve been in this business for a while, and we’ve seen the benefits on any number of occasions. However, we also know it can be difficult to convince management to put time, money and effort into an endeavour that can be hard to analyse, and doesn’t always yield significant results immediately. On the face of it, the ROI of content marketing might not seem like something that can be easily measured, which can make it difficult to track campaign effectiveness.

However, ROI can be calculated, and in our guide, we’ll show you how you do it, why it makes a difference, and how this knowledge can inform future marketing decisions. Content marketing has the capacity to be incredibly powerful, but to see the best results, a consistent and long-term approach is required. In our free guide, we’ll let you know what metrics you should track, how often it needs to be done, and what to do with your results.

Why we need to measure return on investment (ROI) in content marketing

Does your campaign work? Are your messages resonating with the right audience? Are you encouraging people to change their behaviour? Is your marketing affecting sales? These questions that can be answered through appropriate and accurate measurement. As well as tracking performance, ongoing measurement can also allow you to be flexible and make changes as campaigns progress.

If a campaign isn’t working – for whatever reason that might be – then you will be able to update and amend sooner, rather than later. This will limit financial losses, and will help you learn the best methods quickly. All organisations, no matter the industry, need to understand what they are getting for their investment. In the past, the expectation of proving ROI has been reserved for teams with specific monetary targets. However, as the communications and marketing profession becomes more sophisticated, we are now expected to adhere to the same standards as other industries.

For the full guide, download Is Your Content Marketing Achieving Results?.

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