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Graduate job seekers ditch daytime TV for creative content

By July 23, 2014 No Comments

Gone are the days when recent – and not-so-recent – graduates spent their post-uni days sitting in front of daytime TV eating Weetabix. Graduate recruitment is at its highest level since the dark days of the financial crisis. Yup, things are on the up and 2014 is said to be the year the graduate jobs market gets its mojo back.

While this might be disappointing news for those graduates who quite fancied overdosing on Jeremy Kyle and breakfast cereal, it presents employers chasing the best new talent on the jobs market with an urgent problem.

A recent survey by graduate recruitment researcher High Fliers suggests that a third of the UK’s top companies have upped their grad recruitment targets for 2014, and that the accounting, IT and telecommunications, energy and banking sectors have the highest number of new vacancies.

So how can a company make itself more attractive to new graduates than its competitors? The decision a graduate makes about which direction to take their career is rarely an easy one, but it’s always one they devote a good deal of time to.

Here’s a prime opportunity for companies to use creative content marketing to properly illustrate why they’re the guys to go to for a fulfilling and lasting career. It’s likely top grads are well aware of the bigger businesses operating in their particular field, as well as what the benefits of landing a job with one of them will be, so offering them information beyond this to help them make their minds up will go a long way. 

Providing relevant and valuable content in a variety of shareable forms – blogs, videos and infographics, for example – allows you to target, engage and acquire the personas your company is keen to attract.

Think of it as a pre-application stage filtering system – quality content positioned in the right channels will bring better-suited candidates knocking on your door, and as long as they’ve done their reading, they’ll give better interviews, making your decision about who to hire a lot more informed. 

Content is king in the world of recruitment marketing as much as digital strategy, and it’s no different for a successful company’s graduate recruitment drive.

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