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How to get stakeholders on board with your recruitment content marketing

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Recruitment content marketing is still a relatively new concept for some and getting senior buy-in for a big chunk of budget on an unknown quantity can be difficult. So how can you get important stakeholders on your side?

Get a yes in 60 seconds

I recently came across an old blog post on the Fast Company website featuring US author, business coach and TEDx speaker Sam Horn. The blog was titled ‘How to get buy-in for your idea in 60 seconds or less’.

Sam made the point that in a pitch situation, investors have usually made up their mind whether someone’s idea is worth their time and money within 60 seconds. She then went on to explain that in any situation where you want a decision maker to come around to your point of view, it’s how you grab their attention right at the beginning of your presentation, or conversation, that’s going to win the day.

I agree. If you’re in a meeting with a senior stakeholder, you’ve got to start all guns blazing, ideally with an attention-grabbing piece of research. For example, online recruiting platform Jobvite recently surveyed around 1,800 HR professionals: 69% of them expected recruitment to become more competitive in 2015 and 73% are thinking of increasing their expenditure on social media recruiting. No one is going to jump on board if you simply say, ‘I think having a recruitment content marketing strategy is a great idea’, you’ve got to say why and having some statistical backup is going to help.

Reporting back on how the KPIs are performing is crucial

Line up some supporters and communicate

Of course, it’s probably going to take longer than 60 seconds to get buy-in from everyone on a new strategy. In a previous blog post, we outlined why it’s not a good idea to spring new ideas on people. Far better to think about who would be open to your new ideas and talk to them individually prior to giving a full on presentation. And once you have got your new recruitment marketing campaign up and running, keeping the lines of communication open and reporting back on how the KPIs are performing are both crucial. You’re going to want to get extra budget next year!

Watch out for our next blog about how graduate communications should differ from those for experienced hires.

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