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Why is blogging an important marketing tool for my business?

Regardless of what your company does and who your audience or customers are, your website is an important part of your business. Potential customers will often look you up and do some research about you online before coming in to see you. This means that a) being easy to find in Google and other search engines will be a good thing for your business and b) that once customers do find you, it will be helpful for them to really get a sense of who you are and what you do. A blog will help you with both of these goals; search engines reward websites that are clearly ‘alive’ and regularly post new and high-quality content with higher search engine rankings (meaning they appear higher up the page in search results); plus regularly posting blogs about your campaign, idea, products or services will give your target audience a great insight into who you are and what you do and is likely to encourage them to engage with you.

What is SEO and what’s it got to do with blogs?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation and it relates to how easy your website is to find online. Search engines like Google and Bing reward websites that are clearly ‘alive’ and show this by regularly posting new, high quality, relevant content with higher search engine rankings. This means that when potential customers search for information about your campaign, products or services, you will appear higher up on the page of search results they get back. It means that more customers will be able to find your business online.

Why is your blogging service more expensive than others I have looked into?

A lot of blogging services on offer focus on the technical part of blogging and produce lots of content with the right keywords in it. This will improve your SEO, but it won’t necessarily help you build your brand or create a really professional impression. Our service is different – we want to make your blog look and feel as high quality and professional as our own blog. We act as a highly skilled, outsourced marketing team and will apply our marketing, social media, editorial strategy and planning, branding and design knowledge to your blog. We’ll strive to get your blog to do more than just improve your SEO performance – we want to help you achieve your wider business or campaign goals, whatever they may be. Whether you want to develop an award winning, thought leadership blog, a series of brilliant how-to articles, a regular stream of high quality case studies, or a mixture of all of the above – we will help you plan and deliver this to a high quality standard.

What are the benefits of regular blogging?

Regular blogging will increase your search engine rankings and help you build your brand identity and connect with your audience – whether that’s your customers or other stakeholders you want to engage with a campaign or idea. A regular blog improves your SEO performance but also shows your audience that you are active and always thinking about and doing new things that they may be interested in.

What is included in the package?

This depends on which package you choose, but it basically includes a kick-off mini strategy and editorial plan, a set number of blogs produced by our journalists and editors per month, accompanying blog images produced by our design studio to help bring your blogs to life,a monthly mailer that sends out your most popular blogs of the month to your mailing list so that you remain at the forefront of their minds, and some related social posts to help you distribute your blog. One of our Account Managers will work with you to fill in our kick-off briefing form, which will be sent back to you for sign off so we can get started on producing your blog. On the smaller package, you get fewer blogs, images, social channels and posts. The more you are able to invest in your monthly budget, the more we will be able to help you with. You can easily start on a small package and work your way up to a bigger one over time as you evolve. We include a free measurement report with your first package so that you can see the impact of your blog after three months.

But you are not an expert on my business – how do you get the information you need to write the blogs?

Our team of in-house writers and editors have in-depth knowledge in a number of industries (finance, energy, travel, lifestyle and more) – plus journalists are trained to research and write about anything. It’s what we do! Usually we suggest that we interview you and / or your team on a regular basis and ghost-write blogs on your behalf, so that we get your tone of voice, personal style, opinions and thought leadership into them. We also suggest that you introduce us to your favourite customers so that we can work on keeping a regular stream of ‘fresh’ case studies coming through in your blog. Customers sometimes find it easier to talk to a third party. Finally, we will always send you everything for your sign off before publishing, and we will get better and better at understanding what you want the more we get to know you and your business over time.

I come from a big company and am looking to create a blog for one of our campaigns or sub-brands – can you help?

Yes! This is our forte. We work with lots of large brands on their regular campaign content and can definitely advise, help and support with that. Contact our team for more information.

I am not sure which package is right for me – can you help advise me on the right number of times per week I should be blogging?

Yes, absolutely, plus we can help you start small and build up to a more extensive strategy over time too. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We can also help you setup your infrastructure and train some of your team to work on your blog, to keep costs down. Think of us as a true extension of your team. Contact us for more information.

How will you measure if my blog is working for my business?

We love measurement and use a number of tools to help track the performance of your blog. We will ask you for access to various tools that you use to help us with this, and we’ll produce your first measurement report (tracking things like traffic, referrals, bounce rates, social media engagement scores and so on) for free, so that you can see how your blog has performed and also (hopefully) the benefit of regular measurement.

Is there a minimum length of time I will need to sign up for?

Yes – we have a minimum sign up term of three months, at which point we’ll have a review meeting to see how everything is working for you, to see if you are interested in continuing with the service and – if so – agreeing some next steps.