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Everyone likes a pretty picture

By May 30, 2014 No Comments

Using fun or interesting imagery, word art and typographic designs to illustrate a little nugget of information is an easy way to put across a point and have people pay attention to it. Everyone likes a pretty picture, so why are you not putting them to work in conjunction with your business blog?

How can we have a business blog if we have nothing to say?” is a question this content marketing agency tends to deflect on a regular basis. And our answer, invariably, is to start thinking creatively.

Now we appreciate that you may not have 1000 words of wisdom or invigorating comment ready to publish twice a week every week. And just between you and I, sometimes nor do we!

How do we get round this? By using Southerly’s Pinterest page, where we’ve started curating our microblogs. And Pinterest has become quite the marketing force this year.

Microblogging can come in many forms amenable to social media marketing.

Twitter is a microblog, but we’ve opted for the meme (which I believe is pronounced ‘meam’ though someone led me into serious self-doubt by pronouncing it ‘meh-meh’ the other day).

So if you have something to say and not enough time or ammo to say it, why not illustrate the point? It’s a simple and effective part of your content marketing and gives your business blog a bit of colour. Here’s some we made earlier

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