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Does your content increase demand?

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Today we share the first of a series of stories originally published by our good friends at Spoon, on their Academy blog, an invaluable resource of insight, tips and tricks for producing superb content. Here, Marketing Project Manager Olle Lindholm discusses using value, tension and drama in your storytelling to drive digital engagement.

Valuable content creates demand for your product or service. It teaches, inspires and triggers people to take action. But does your company publish content that increases demand?

After Finding Nemo was released in 2003, a wave of demand hit the market. Suddenly, every child on the planet wanted a clown fish. The ”Finding Nemo effect” illustrates how compelling content can increase popular demand. 101 DalmatiansThe Lego Movie and Mad Men are other famous examples that have had a similar effect.

Does your company publish content that increases demand?

Andrew Davis argues that valuable content increases the market size for your product or service. To succeed with this, marketers need to put their product or service in a broader context. At Super Content Marketing, Mr. Davis shared four ways to make your content increase demand.

Do you use any of the following techniques?

1. Build suspense.

Drama is a useful technique to make people want to buy. Consider the 2010 documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It follows Joe, a morbidly obese man who has been stricken with an autoimmune disease. In an effort to lose weight and reclaim his health, he endeavours to drink only fruit and vegetable juice.

Behind the production stood the Australian juice-maker company Breville. The documentary became a huge success story and sold more juicers than they expected.

But how can your company build suspense? Start by looking for stories based on real people and events. Be sure to identify your customers’ pain points. By doing that, your content will resonate with the audience. Such content builds suspense that sells.

Drama is a useful technique

2. Drive empathy.

The company that knows its audience best wins. Take the well-known content brand Riverpool & Spas as an example. The CEO Marcus Sheridan listened to his customers’ questions and answered them on his site.

Never underestimate the power of useful, empathetic content that speaks the language of your customer. By showing empathy towards your customer, you establish a bond that will eventually lead to more sales for your brand.

3. Foster inspiration of the people you target.

People are looking for inspiration to help them achieve their goals. Powerful content speaks to these aspirations and spark what Andrew Davis calls “moments of inspiration” (MOI). What moments of inspiration could you create for your customers? MOI leads to ROI, according to Andrew Davis.

In the world’s shortest cooking show, founder Bart van Olphen shares recipes, tips and tricks on how to prepare great sustainable seafood in only 15 seconds. Bart’s Fish Tales is published every Friday and is highly anticipated by his 71,000 Instagram followers. The sales for Bart’s sustainable fish products continue to grow.

What moments of inspiration could you create for your customers?

4. Harness emotion.

“When you harness emotion, you inspire people to act,” Andrew Davis said. Emotions play a significant role in people’s purchasing decisions, whether we are aware of them or not.

When a Danish TV show called Arvingerne [the Legacy] showed the heirs of a matriarch squabbling over her inheritance, viewers started calling lawyers about creating wills and estate-planning.

“What emotion inspires action as it relates to the product or service we provide?” Davis asked. “Those are the things that are going to make a big impact.”

Does your content increase demand?

Content that builds suspense, uses empathy, fosters inspiration, and harnesses emotion is more likely to generate demand. Take a look at the content you already have. How can you use the techniques discussed in this article to increase the demand for your products and services?

This article was originally published on Spoon Academy.

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