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A content marketing business breakfast at The Hospital Club

By September 3, 2014 No Comments

Yesterday Southerly hosted the Business@Breakfast session at London’s The Hospital Club to talk all things content marketing.

The Hospital Club, a private members’ venue for the creative industries based in Covent Garden, is famous for attracting the forward-thinking of the UK’s creative elite across a wide range of industry areas, so we were excited to meet our audience.

We must thank everyone for engaging so actively. After delivering our talk on the current paradigm of content marketing, the value and importance of genuine, quality content and how it can help businesses stand out in a digitally saturated crowd, how strategic content amplification can pay dividends for relatively little cost, and how current SEO best practise leans towards rewarding good quality content with a rankings boost, our closing Q&A session delivered some great insight into what creative marketing challenges are facing companies.

Personas, not demographics

Under discussion was the importance of identifying and targeting your content at specific customer personas, as opposed to target demographics, in order to nail down a core of highly engaged brand loyalists that are more likely to disseminate and encourage engagement of others. It’s an ever-increasing ripple effect that produces what is essentially your target audience, but at its core are your personas, driving engagement and awareness of your brand.

Email still a hero

We were also asked about email marketing and whether the practise is still as relevant, to which the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Mail-out lists of course represent one of the most valuable sources of subscribers that are willing to connect; all you need to do is give them the right impetus. Email newsletters are very effective at driving traffic to your website, but to get those conversion rates up it’s worth spending some time compartmentalising and sub-categorising your customers. That way, you’ll ensure to get the right sort of content to the people that want to see it.

Internal comms and social media

We were asked about internal communications strategies and where social media could best play its part. This was an interesting one as there are many factors that can affect how engaged an employee is on social media at work, as opposed to in their leisure. Facebook is potentially a good place to establish some sort of informal internal comms as well as projecting a fun company image, but that of course depends on whether employees are actually willing to link their private and public Facebook accounts. Twitter can be very noisy although its conversational aspect is a boon in this regard. In the absence of a more bespoke solution, LinkedIn potentially solves a few of these issues as people tend to want to link their LinkedIn accounts with that of their company, and there’s the potential for a range of closed groups to be established.

Lastly we touched on the role of recruitment marketing in the current model, and how content marketing tactics applied to growing needs in HR can pay dividends in recruitment costs and the people you hire.

We’d like to thank The Hospital Club for having us. And for the freshly baked pastries. And coffee. And the BLTs.

Especially the BLTs.


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