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Confused about content amplification? Outbrain is here to help

By September 10, 2014 No Comments
Outbrain amplifying quality content

It’s well known that writing pitch perfect copy is a key part to any good content marketing strategy. However, it’s as important that you get your word out there. It’s pointless creating the Mona Lisa if you if intend to lock it away in a basement.

It’s also worth noting that it’s pointless creating the Mona Lisa because it’s already been done. Don’t duplicate content – that’s another important lesson.

So, amplification – it’s an important step in the success of content, and should be a key factor in any one piece of content’s lifecycle right from the word go. And, while the obvious tools are well known and well documented (the likes of Facebook and Twitter and Vine and all other free social networks), there are also a number of innovative paid tools that are available for use.

Outbrain, a native advertising tool that distributes content on other, industry-leading content sites where people are looking for something new to discover, is one of the leading players – it’s also one of the best. Why?

It’s quick, simple and affordable

Setting up your own Outbrain campaign is a very straightforward thing to do. You simply set up your profile, load the content you want shared, decide your budget – you can set a daily limit, based on a pay-per-click (PPC) rate – and publish. The minimum budgets are very affordable, too – as low as $10!

It has its fingers in all the pies

There are already thousands of publishers that use Outbrain – the Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Slate, CCN, Yahoo and MSN are just a few big-name examples. As of January 2014 it was distributing content to over 390 million web users!

On publishers’ websites, content normally appears as a little box-out at the bottom of a page (reading “From Around the Web”, or “Recommended Content”), and displays titles related to the article they sit beneath, giving readers the option of further reading on a subject they’re definitely interested in. If you use Outbrain as an amplification tool, this is where your content sits.

It’s smart and selective

Outbrain doesn’t just let any old rubbish out on it’s service. Each article you submit is reviewed for quality and categorised for relevance. This not only allows Outbrain to better target your content, but stop you from trying to sully their name by amplifying your One Direction fan fiction blog or used coat hanger e-store. It’s a service that is interested in amplifying quality content, not just your brand, and that is why it works. Both for content producers and for publishers.

Southerly ran it’s own trial of Outbrain and the results were clear: in the space of a week our blog received traffic comparable to our LinkedIn referrals of the past year, and drove comparable conversions to our syndicated blog at Business2Community. The bottom line: as an amplification tool, Outbrain is excellent. Not only for the fact that it delivers traffic, but because it delivers quality traffic.

So with its key strengths being its ability to vet content, categorise and target content and publish content on relevant and respected media outlets, it’s clear that it’s a tool built for content marketing. A strong content marketing strategy is built first and foremost on excellent content, but amplification, especially on tools as innovative and intelligent as Outbrain are essential to doing it well.


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