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Communicating company culture gets new recruit knocking at our door

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This is a story of how designer Federica Aradelli – one of a trio of new recruits to join Southerly in the past month – not only followed the advice that Norman Tebbit gave to jobseekers to get on their bikes and find work, but a real-life case study of how when a business uses its own digital channels to communicate its company culture, it will attract new hires whose values inherently match. Not only that, you reduce your recruitment costs by encouraging first-rate candidates to approach you before a vacancy is even advertised.

Southerly’s headcount continues to grow. Just this week, writer and journalist Charlie Graham-Dixon became our latest member of staff – we’ll hear Charlie’s opening statement on Friday’s blog. Charlie (pictured right) joins account manager Daniel Bobroff (in the centre of the photograph above) and Federica (yes, you guessed it, on the left of the photo) in Southerly’s new kids on the block club.

We’re extremely happy to have secured the services of three talented individuals that will help Southerly continue to go from strength to strength, but this blog post is not about our growing workload.

It’s about Federica, who Southerly first came across when she, quite literally, got on her bike and came knocking at our door.

Federica takes up the story. “I come from Italy and was living in Vicenza, near Milan, but I was looking to come to London because my boyfriend moved here a year ago.

“I started researching marketing agencies online in Italy, but thought it was better to come here and approach agencies directly.

“Just three weeks ago I took a flight to London and used a bicycle that was at my boyfriend’s house to make my way from agency to agency. It was a little scary riding on the left-hand side of the road for the first time!

“I decided to approach Southerly because I had seen examples of the work the creative content agency produces and was very impressed by its website and the infographics.

“On the day I knocked on Southerly’s door, writer Jonathan Bright answered it and I was delighted to hear that Head of Design Anna Moumtzidou was looking to appoint another designer to tackle its growing workload, but Southerly was yet to advertise the vacancy.

“I left my CV with Anna and showed her examples of my work that I brought with me. I was very happy when they asked me to come back for an interview and had no hesitation in accepting the offer of a full-time role.”

Don’t think that this chance meeting is a story that cannot be repeated, although we do reckon that Southerly is probably the only company in the UK to employ two designers from Italy who are both called Federica!

Southerly founder and director Shelley Hoppe underlines the benefits of communicating your company’s culture.

Shelley says: ““We were very pleased that Federica approached us and were very impressed by her portfolio of work.

“By using the digital channels at our disposal to paint a very clear picture of Southerly’s culture, we have found a very talented graphic designer who complements our team perfectly and has saved us a considerable amount of money in recruitment costs.”

Shelley adds: “I was particularly impressed by the fact Federica came to our door and presented her CV. I don’t think she would have made such an impact had she just emailed examples of her work to me.”

But isn’t using your own website Facebook page and other social media properties to communicate your company culture a business storytelling tactic that is best suited to the creative industries?

“Not at all,” counters Shelley. “Any business, large or small, can use words, images and video to make clear its company culture and attract likeminded individuals.”

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