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A very Christmassy Southerly Bake Off Final

By December 19, 2014 No Comments

I have a nut allergy, so the dessert industry for me is a real test of my patience, mainly because I REALLY like desserts. Even stuff that claims not to have nuts has nuts. Hidden, unexpected nuts that jump out and turn your head into a beach ball.

For the last couple of months, as the Southerly Bake Off has been running, many wonderful and enticing smells have emanated from the kitchen downstairs. More than once I’ve scrambled towards the scents like a kid to a Christmas tree. So imagine, then, that I’m told I’m not allowed to eat half of it. Some rubbish about liability insurance, or something.

OK, it wasn’t all nuts, but there were enough around to present a problem. Mercifully then, I was asked to judge the Southerly Bake Off Final – the Christmas special, as it were (watch the video below) – under the premise that there would be no ruddy nuts around. Having missed out on a fair proportion of delectable delights thus far, I was not missing one trick on this. I channelled Paul Hollywood into the very fibre of my being. It wasn’t comfortable, but it was tasty and nut-free. Which I’m assured is not how Paul Hollywood would want to be portrayed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Bake Off videos as much as we did making them. Do subscribe to our YouTube channel as we’ve got a whole host of new videos to come in 2015, including fantastic digital marketing how-tos and video blogs with expert advice on your content strategy.

We’re signing off from 2014 now, but I’d like to extend our heartiest thanks to our clients and readers for making this Southerly’s best year to date. We’ll be back with a fighting fit first blog of 2015 on January 6.

Which just leaves me to say, on behalf of the whole Southerly Team…

Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year! 

Here’s to a huge 2015!

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