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How big corporates are using content marketing for recruitment

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With competition for top graduates and talented experienced hires predicted to get even fiercer in 2015, it may be time to consider a technique for attracting them that some corporations are already using – and using effectively.

The Unilever approach

Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch powerhouse comprised of around 400 brands and over 170,000 employees, has been using a coordinated social media approach to recruitment marketing. There are links from its careers page to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, with fresh content posted regularly on each channel.

Unilever has more than 1.3m followers of its LinkedIn company page – in 2012, the company increased its followers substantially using a call to action and follow buttons in email signatures. In 10 months, this increased their following from 40,000 to 235,000. The company’s then Global Resourcing Manager, Paul Maxin, said at the time that along with the increase in followers the company saw an “exponential rise in careers page visits” and a “significant” rise in hires from LinkedIn.

Content that works to increase traffic numbers to the feature story section
 of the careers page

Unilever goes further than simply using calls to action. It clearly has a strategy in place when it comes to the actual content it publishes. For example, use of both language and imagery is different on the company’s careers page with fun pictures and terms such as ‘opportunities’ used in content targeted at graduates and more serious approach, such as shots of Unilever people speaking at events, used to attract experienced hires. Its recruitment Facebook page (completely separate from its company page) includes content clearly aimed at a graduate demographic that is more likely to use this platform that more experienced professionals who may not automatically associate it with recruitment. Its YouTube channel is populated with video content showing Unilever senior management talking about their roles and the company – a handy research tool for both grads and XPs.

Recruitment at Shell

Southerly can boast its own success story in the world of corporate recruitment marketing. Since January 2013, we have worked on the design and implementation of a content strategy for Shell that has two key goals: to improve the strength of Shell’s brand among job seekers; and to attract previously unengaged, passive candidates. A key objective is to attract top graduates.

To date we’ve published 29 stories on a range of themes that focus on highlighting Shell’s people and the impact they make. In particular, the message to young job seekers is that they will be doing real work from day one and making a difference.

Our content and overall approach has increased traffic numbers to the feature story section
 of the careers page, and more importantly, driven engagement. Compared to 2013, the Shell careers site bounce rate has dropped by 20%, while the average number of pages visited has risen by a third. They are more engaged on the website which means they are more engaged in Shell. Applications have remained strong, while members of their ‘Talent Community’ – an online database of interested candidates – has grown through persistent engagement.

Southerly has also carried out a distribution and amplification strategy, utilising social media (reaching an audience of hundreds of thousands, targeting passive audiences), as well as sharing content on industry leading partner sites such as Rigzone and Downstream Today. This has served the dual purpose of increasing its reach and its reputation.

With a clearly defined strategy behind it, a recruitment content marketing campaign can get results – companies large and small are beginning to recognise the benefits. If you think it could be for you, why not get in touch?

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