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5 ways to employee engagement in a worldwide workforce

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In an age where workplaces become more remote, contributing author Helen Wallis explains why employee engagement is now more important than ever, and how content marketing tactics can get you there.

New research reveals that just 14% of office workers see themselves being tied to a desk in the future and that 20% of those who took part in the study conducted by PwC say they’d prefer to work in a virtual environment.

However, a scattered workforce can pose problems relating to management and engagement.

In association with a local creative agency I’ve devised a list of the 5 best ways to keep your workforce engaged and motivated, wherever they may be.

Acknowledge good work

Recognition is the most powerful motivator of all and showing your employees that their efforts are appreciated will go a long way.

Take some time out of your day to acknowledge hard work. Whether it’s a congratulatory email, words of encouragement or a pat on the back, showing your appreciation will give your employees a greater sense of job satisfaction.

Design an incentive programme

Salary goes a long way, but it won’t encourage your employees to boost their efforts. Incentives, on the other hand, will encourage them take their performance to the ‘next level’.

The incentive isn’t always about the prize, it’s about the chase and having something to strive for. Your incentives don’t have to even cost anything. For example, you could design a group weight-loss programme by giving your employees an extra 20-minute break each day to go out jogging.

Clean up the office

According to a poll published by Gallup Research, only 13% of employees are actively engaged in their work. One of the main contributing factors was the overall quality of the workspace. We spend a substantial amount of time of our lives at work, so making sure your staff are comfortable is crucial.

Regularly organise, clean and streamline the layout of your office. Let your employees ‘brand’ their space and make it a little more personal. When a worker feels comfortable, their productivity skyrockets.

Make the most of mobile technology

Does everybody in your workplace use a smartphone or tablet? Many business owners view them in a negative light because they can distract employees from their work. But if used wisely, they can actually provide a platform for further engagement.

Gallup estimates that 8 out of 10 US workers that use their personal devices for work-related activities are happy to do so, so try to incorporate your business into them. Something small such as building a private social media page or chat room where workers can communicate could be all you need.

Encourage laughter in the workplace

In Why you should treat laughter as a metric, Peter Bergman of the Harvard Business Review concluded that a lack of laughter is a very common problem in most organisations. Think about your past business meetings and phone conversations; the ones where you were the most focused were no doubt the ones that were entertaining.

Encourage your employees to embrace their personalities and sense of humour. Corporate is old and boring. Nowadays, in the business world people expect a little more leniency and free-will.

Employee engagement is paramount. Your business will never reach its true potential without workers who are enthused, motivated and satisfied with their work. 

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