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3 surprising stats about trust in content marketing in the UK

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Is implementing a content marketing strategy still an issue of trust?

At the Fusionmex Content Marketing Conference 2014 in exotic Antwerp last week a few statistics emerged that caught my eye. Actually, scratch that, they shocked me.

We all know that content marketing is a nascent, but growing area, and a lot of companies – the bigger ones especially – are still playing catch-up. Hence why a creative content marketing agency like Southerly gets called upon to help out.

The main issue – ironically – is trust… 


94%! I mean, really? 94%? If you indeed are one of the 94%, we’d hope you’re also one of the 56% with a defined strategy too. For one, B2B Marketers with a content marketing strategy are nearly 300% more likely to be effective. But not having a strategy in place is a little like shooting darts blindfolded. If you have been successful, I’m afraid it was probably down to luck.

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So, 94% of UK marketers claim to use content marketing, and they have allocated approximately 27% of their budget to it; that’s quite a large commitment given that many of them don’t invest in any strategy pre-work. That 64% plan to increase budgets is encouraging – hopefully the extra budget will allow marketers to spend some time properly defining their goals, audiences and which tactics may be the most appropriate for their business.


So this stat must indicate that 61% think they’re not effective? There could still be an underlying lack of confidence in content marketing. Which is at odds with the ethos of content marketing, which centres on building an aura of trust around your brand.

But if you don’t trust your brand, then content marketing becomes pretty difficult. You can’t market something you don’t believe in. But if you do believe in your brand then content marketing should be a natural progression – you just have to remember you’re playing a long game.


The other thing to remember is the way Google works. If more and more competitors are now doing content marketing and pandering to the Panda, putting out the quality stuff, whilst auditing their content to get rid of the fluff, all backed by an up-to-date SEO strategy, then you will be left behind in the search rankings if you don’t.

So, get a solid content marketing strategy in place, if nothing else just to stop your corporation sliding into search obscurity. If you need some help with your content strategy then click the link below or just get in touch with us, we’ll do the hard work.

Stats sourced from the Content Marketing Institute and Direct Marketing Association UK’s recent ‘2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends’ report, except 56% of European marketers, from HubSpot/Smart Insights.

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