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21st Century Recruitment: Neil Dickins on using recruitment agents to find specialist candidates

By September 1, 2016 No Comments

In the last of a series of video interviews from 21st Century Recruitment, our recent panel debate on recruitment marketing, we asked what the role of the recruitment agent is in the digital age. While it’s easy to assume the role of the recruitment agent nowadays plays second fiddle to the marketer that uses targeted recruitment content, Neil Dickins, co-founder of IC Resources, explains how the two worlds should collaborate, and how the recruitment agent comes into their own when trying to find specialist or niche candidates.

Here, Neil expands on a few points raised during our panel debate (watch highlights of the debate itself directly below); namely, that where a recruitment marketing campaign can entice a pool of interested and certainly qualified candidates, the most skilled recruitment agent will tease out a shortlist of specialists and best-fit candidates from that pool.

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