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8 creative resources that will inspire your content marketing in 2018 and beyond

8 creative resources for your summer reading list

Whether you’re hopping on a plane for a much-overdue minibreak or sunbathing in your local park, summer is a great time to kick back, relax and catch up on a good read – especially if it’ll prepare you for your return to work. Looking for some inspiration? Check out this range of resources recommended by the Southerly and Spoon teams.

Creative Superpowers by Daniele Fiandaca, Mark Earls, Laura Jordan and Scott Morrison

A handful of the world’s leading CEOs, creatives, educators and marketers share their views on how to develop as ‘Hackers’, ‘Makers’, ‘Teachers’ and ‘Thieves’ – the four key ‘superpowers’ for surviving in today’s fast-paced culture. Tips include how to open up new parts of your brain, the best approach to problem-solving and ways to give a new spin to existing ideas – and by the end of the book, you’ll feel ready to take on the world.

“I recently attended a talk at YCN  with three of the book’s authors and was so inspired that I immediately bought the book the next day. If you’re a creative who wants to know how to navigate our increasingly tech-y culture, Creative Superpowers will give you a clear roadmap on how to develop your creative abilities.” Matilda Egere-Cooper, Creative Content Lead


Described as the world’s leading business media brand, this global magazine has been showcasing and analysing the best in advertising, media and marketing for the last 50 years. Head to the website and you’ll find a goldmine of industry news and trends, thought leadership pieces, case studies and reports, plus daily or weekly newsletters for magazine subscribers.

I’m a bit of an advertising geek and love catching up on cool, awardwinning campaigns, and seeing where brands are taking their creative – Campaign is perfect for that.” Jess Pike, Head of Content

Creative Review

This monthly magazine for the art and design industries may have been around since 1981, but it has stood the test of time thanks to an unwavering commitment to showcasing the best creative around. It recently started gated articles (on everything from the creative process to industry insights), but the variety of imagery and illustration on display makes the website worth a look.

“I love the range of content and the fact that it covers a wide spectrum of industries – everything from design and advertising to architecture and video.” Victor Asandi, Junior Designer

Be More Pirate: Or How to Take on the World and Win by Sam Conniff Allende

Sam Conniff Allende is the mastermind behind Livity – an award-winning youth agency and social enterprise that helps brands connect with young people to create ground-breaking content. In his debut book, he shares the lessons he’s learned from Blackbeard to Elon Musk – ‘pirates’ throughout history who’ve challenged the norm and establish their own paths as a result. The book offers useful and excellent insights on how to become a powerful agent of change in the workplace.

“Be More Pirate is all about disruption: it basically advises we stop following the rules and instead destroy them to create new rules that work for us.” Federica Aradelli, Art Director

The Dot (Creatrilogy) by Peter H. Reynolds

If you’re responsible for entertaining the kids this summer, this children’s classic by Peter H. Reynolds could be one that you enjoy together. It explores the power of encouragement – so for anyone who’s ever been afraid to express themselves creatively, this tale is bound to leave them inspired.

“It has really wonderful messages about persevering when you feel like you can’t do something. It’s especially relevant for me being new to my role, as well as in a small team where we’re always willing to teach and learn from each other. It might a picture book for kids, but it has pretty important messages for adults too.” Harriet Kerr, Account Executive

And the best of the rest, recommended by the Spoon Academy:

Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini’s latest book, Pre-Suasion, is all about setting the right context for the sale. In other words, it shows why content marketing works. You’ll learn about the different stages of ‘pre-suasion’ and how you can use mystery to keep an audience engaged. Cialdini also uncovers a new principle called ‘Unity’, which is the experience of a shared identity and values. This principle reinforces that customers buy more based on what they believe in.

Good strategy/Bad strategy by Richard Rumelt

Strategy is one of the most popular buzzwords in business. But the topic can be confusing. Richard Rumelt lays out a clear framework on how to craft a good strategy (and how to recognise a bad one!). Download our strategy guide or read more about the book here.

Story Driven: You don’t need to compete when you know who you are by Bernadette Jiwa

Bernadette Jiwa offers an insightful and compelling read on how companies can tell better stories. Story Driven offers a framework to help you consistently articulate, live and lead with your story. What do you stand for? Where are you headed and why? What’s been the making of you (and your organisation)? The book’s main message is to be brave and tell real stories.

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